• Temperature of paint—chapter 2

    12 kinds of temperature-changing paint at low temperature, normal temperature and high temperature.
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  • Temperature of paint

      Temperature of paint is a type of paint that varies with Temperature. Paint comes in three different colors at high, low and normal temperatures.
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  • spinner

    sipnner,  like a time travel.
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  • rainbow plating

    Commonly used electroplating include: gilt, silver, copper, bronze, black nickel,dyed black. However, in the past two years, rainbow electroplating has also begun to mature gradually, and it has also begun to be accepted by more and more people. This electroplating is changeable, the color of eac...
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  • pearl paint

    Pearl paint has depth and three-dimensional feeling. Pearl paint is made with mica particles and paint. When the sun shines on the surface of the pearl paint, it will reflect the color of the bottom layer of the paint through the mica piece, so there is a deep, three-dimensional feeling.And its c...
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  • hollowed out tansparent paint

    Hollowed out transparent paint is a combination and upgrade of the traditional inner cut and transparent paint We usually use scotch tape on the back of the badge so that it fits perfectly on the back, and then either clear paint (you can choose a different color) or clear glass paint on the fron...
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