Snoqualmie Casino Honors over 250 Veterans with Specially Minted Challenge Coin on Memorial Day

In the month leading up to Memorial Day, Snoqualmie Casino publically invited any and all veterans in the surrounding area to receive a specially minted Challenge Coin to recognize and thank veterans for their service. On Memorial Monday, Snoqualmie Casino team members Vicente Mariscal, Gil De Los Angeles, Ken Metzger and Michael Morgan, all U.S. military veterans, presented over 250 specially minted Challenge Coins to attending veterans. Many Snoqualmie Casino team members gathered from across the casino property to personally thank and offer additional words of gratitude at the presentation.

Commanders and organizations offer Challenge Coins as a way of recognizing military members. The Snoqualmie Casino Challenge Coin was designed entirely in-house and is a heavy antiqued brass coin with a hand enameled colored American Flag sitting behind an eagle.

“One of the core values shared by our team at Snoqualmie Casino is the appreciation of veterans and active duty service men and women,” said Brian Decorah, President and CEO of Snoqualmie Casino. “Snoqualmie Casino designed and presented these Challenge Coins to express our gratitude to these courageous men and women for their dedication to protect our country. As a tribal operation, we hold our warriors in the highest regard.”

The idea of creating the Challenge Coin came from Snoqualmie Casino team member and decorated U.S. Army Drill Sergeant and 20-year veteran, Vicente Mariscal. “I’m so grateful to have been a part of making this coin a reality,” says Mariscal. “It was emotional for me to be a part of presenting the coins. As a service member, I know how much it means to veterans to be acknowledged and recognized for service.  The small act of gratitude goes a long way.”

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Post time: Jun-18-2019

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