The meaning of a marathon medal

The marathon medal represents an experience and a testament to one’s running ability
With the relaxation of the marathon policy, various marathons have sprung up everywhere, such as mountain marathon, women’s marathon, Valentine’s Day sweet run, etc., all of which show that the marathon is taking root in the hearts of the people. The competition is often accompanied by medals and bonuses. The bonuses are only awarded to the top few, and as long as everyone has the medals, the styles of the medals are also varied. They are all to highlight the speciality of the event, but they all have one thing in common. The production cost of these medals is very cheap.
Although medals are cheap, the spiritual encouragement they bring to you is invaluable. I believe people who have run a marathon will have a deep understanding of this. Each medal has its special meaning, even if you give you one. You will also find cheap medals excellent value for money.截屏2021-06-01 上午11.54.08

Post time: Jun-01-2021

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