Cuff Buttoms

Cufflinks are said to have originated in ancient Greece. Other than ring, cufflinks perhaps are the smallest piece of decoration for a tasteful man.



In the office: a white shirt with transparent color or dark blue cufflinks, dark blue or black tie is recommended, it will produce a trustworthy feeling.


In the competition occasion: dark blue thick straight stripe shirt collocation metallic sense cufflink, tie chooses dark color to fasten, easy manufacture the effect of convincing person.


Party: pink shirt with dark cuff links, with Oxford style diagonal striped tie, there is a relaxed, casual feeling.


Happy occasion: pink shirt collocation metallic color cuff button, tie chooses pink violet double color column to be able to let him more appear vitality is infinite.


Important occasion: gray shirt tie-in silver cufflink, with bright silver monochromatic tie, stable and noble effect, also have image add bonus benefit.



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Post time: May-14-2021

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