• Bolo Tie

    Introduction “Bola” refers to the throwing rope, which is used by South American shepherd boys to catch animals’ feet and catch them. In the 1940s, silversmiths in Arizona, USA, got inspiration from this kind of props and made a rope tie fixed with a buckle. This is the ancestor...
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  • About the craft classification of metal crafts

    Common processes are soft enamel, imitation hard enamel, and no color. Soft Enamel: The soft enamel paint surface has a bumpy feel, which is a common process in our industry. The soft enamel is often talked with hard enamel. The paint and metal surfaces of the hard enamel are nearly flat. The sof...
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  • BTS Pins

    Today I want to take you to explore the BTS Pins. First, let us know what is BTS pins. The full name of BTS is Bangtan Boys ( 防弹少年团、방탄소년단、防弾少年団、ぼうだんしょうねんだん)。They are a K-pop combination with 7 members come from Korea. And they are very popular in American in 2019. An...
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  • About the product type of metal crafts

    First of all, the badge is the most important product of our company, and it is also the product with the highest value. Export badges are divided into company badges and designer badges. The craft is basically soft enamel. Secondly, the challenge coins is our company’s second-largest produ...
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  • How much do you know about us?

    We are a high quality fantasy lapel pins factory in Kunshan China, with more than 120 workers, and 6 artists. We helped more than 1000 clients to increase their business these years for pins and coins. I really hope we can become your supplier, and I am sure we will not let you down. What service...
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  • Fantasy Pins Become More and More Populer at Present

    At present, the fantasy pins become more and more popular. The artworks by the artists are amazing. Let’s share some artworks by the pin artists. Designed by Instagram name blushgardenpins:   Designed by Instagram name thedisneymonster: We are a high quality lapel pins factory in Kunshan ...
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