• Kunshan Splendid Craft Co., Ltd

    Setting up in 2013, Kunshan Splendid Craft Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to providing a wide range of gifts for customers for years. We can make lapel pins, medals, coins, keychains, cufflinks, belt buckles, etc. Our products passed Reach test, SGS test, and our factory is Sedex Audited. We have m...
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  • The meaning of a marathon medal

    The marathon medal represents an experience and a testament to one’s running ability With the relaxation of the marathon policy, various marathons have sprung up everywhere, such as mountain marathon, women’s marathon, Valentine’s Day sweet run, etc., all of which show that the marath...
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  • What exactly are cufflinks?

    There are some popular sayings, sometimes saying that cufflinks are men’s jewelry; cufflinks are men’s jewelry; cufflinks are the soul of French shirts. Just like a woman’s earrings. Where did the origin of cufflinks come from? Then one is a matter of time, and the other is a re...
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  • Cuff Buttoms

    Cufflinks are said to have originated in ancient Greece. Other than ring, cufflinks perhaps are the smallest piece of decoration for a tasteful man. Occasion: In the office: a white shirt with transparent color or dark blue cufflinks, dark blue or black tie is recommended, it will produce a tru...
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  • Some introductions about badges

    As a light and compact accessory, badges can be used as identity, brand identification, some important commemorative, publicity and gift activities, etc., and often wear badges as a way. Mastering the correct way of wearing a badge is not only related to your identity mark, but also related to yo...
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  • Bolo Tie

    Introduction “Bola” refers to the throwing rope, which is used by South American shepherd boys to catch animals’ feet and catch them. In the 1940s, silversmiths in Arizona, USA, got inspiration from this kind of props and made a rope tie fixed with a buckle. This is the ancestor...
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